Everyone He Loved, He Lost

Edgar Allan Poe remains one of the most influential and mysterious characters in literature today. Born in 1809 he would spend the next forty years confronting life, death, alcoholism, and the critics; resulting in one of the most incredible literary impacts the world has even seen.

His work and the enigma of his life have captivated a wide range of audiences. His most popular works have been showcased in countless television shows & parodies, films, stage productions, and school auditoriums.

Finally his mystery is revealed; you will see him for not only his famed work, but for who he really was and aspired to be. This production is a multi-faceted adventure. We transform the stage with an innovative documentary presentation of Poe from birth to his final day. On the moment the casket closes on screen, Poe takes the stage.  


Tickets for EDGAR at the State Theatre in Springfield, OH 10/25/13


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